Neck Pain

Chiropractic can help with:

  •  mechanical neck pain;
  •  neck stiffness and soreness;
  •  neck pain caused by poor posture or awkward sitting positions;
  •  neck pain caused by tension in the neck or shoulders.

Many of us suffer with neck pain at some time in our lives and when it happens it can have a major impact on everyday functions such as going to work.  Some estimates suggest that around 10 per cent of the population has a stiff neck at any one time.  Although there are many reasons for neck pain, often chiropractic can be helpful when the pain affects the joints and soft tissues and is related to postural strain (mechanical) or degenerative changes that might involve arthritis.  

There are seven bones making up the cervical spine or neck which encases the spinal cord and from which there are eight pairs of spinal nerves.  There can be involvement of the joint structures and imbalances in the muscles which can then put pressure on the nerves.  As well as specific adjusting of the neck, chiropractors can also advise on exercises and other lifestyle choices to help manage pain.

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