Is your life ruled by chronic pain?




can help you enjoy

better health and well being

Find out how

  •  Feeling fed up with living your life around your illness 
  •  Having difficulty with everyday tasks
  •  Relying on medication
  •  Missing out


  • Take control
  • Feel empowered to make your own decisions
  • Reduce the amount of medication you take
  • Forget about the pain



You never seem to get on top of things

Most of the time you are in pain and it is difficult to focus on everyday jobs.  Everything is a struggle.

You feel alone

The people around you don’t want to hear about your problems.  They are busy with their own problems.

You are just getting worse

No-one seems to know why this is happening.  You just have to get on with it.

The drugs you are taking are just suppressing the symptoms.

Take control

You are a unique individual so working out how to manage your symptoms is about looking at YOU.

No-one else has experienced your life, has your genes and your likes and dislikes.

So, any treatment plan  has to find out about you and your problems and why you have them.

Create a New Future

Homeopathy can help you.

It gently enables the body to harness it’s own healing potential to restore balance and to help you lead a better life.


“I have known Vanessa Churchill four about 22 years, initially when she was a chiropractor and now as a homeopath. She is a totally professional, kind and caring person to her patients. In later years, Vanessa also qualified as a homeopath and in this area she  has also achieved excellence for me, not only on an emotional level, but also with my physical problems. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any person of any age.”
Patricia Scott. Romsey

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